The Salon de Créativité Collective goal is to create.collaborate.educate.

Salon de creativity is a content creation project based in zurich and belgrade. A Content, Experience & Product company founded by dragan filovsk. We make ideas happen, promos, Events & social media content in every flavor for any media platform. Our integrated approach allows for collaboration through every step in the process - from conception to execution.  

We work with agencies, networks and brands to bring ideas to life. We champion smart bids and better creative. All projects showcased here were produced by Salon de Créativité, many of them from concept through final delivery.




Our Salon de Créativité is a Conception / Execution focused concept, meaning we do everything what a branding and the following communication required.


For our projects we like to collaborate with international brands and talents in order to create outstanding content.



We turn brands from famous to favorite. We are a creative collective which enjoys to crate experiences and feelings for our clients.