RAID "Little Box" Exhibition


Visitors had the opportunity to attend an exhibition with a unusual concept: Each composition from the album will be accompanied by artistic photographer Ana Danilovic. In addition to the 12 photos 12 MP3 players with headphones will be available so that visitors hear the composition and view the images at the same time in order to get a better feel for the authors experience. Raid announced that the purpose of this different showcase (Slusaj fotke, gledaj muziku!) is to get the visitors to participate themselves and enjoy the creativity: just as I am connected with photographer Ana Danilovic and designer Marko Simic, I would like to encourage our audience to reverie about the pictures, photos, poems or stories to them as the music starts:

“This relationship is really organic, all of us in some way ‘listen’ photos and ‘look’ music – the only question is whether we do it banally, consumerist, by sawing us in spots interested in more than the poem itself or used to include imagination and feelings. "


conception & execution

Project Management / PR / Curation