The idea is community building in a peaceful environment for the urban culture. Taking it back to the 4 Elements of Hip Hop. Graffiti & Bboy cypher at Osnovna Skola Skadarlija through the day with many local and international artist and Bboys & Bgirls. While this was going on, close to the school we also had a Sneaker Drawing Competition with local artists supported by BUZZ Serbia. The artist were able to win sneakers and other gear. After 4pm our friend and one of the best turntabelists in Serbia RAID had a information day about his DJ Raidonica, which young and old were able to participate.

In the evening the afterparty was starting with many known local rap names like JuiceSick TouchDay WhoHartmann & Mako Cya. After that the Picasso Punk Belgrade homies DJ Rokam & Laki were providing the good music in order to have a great night at KC Grad, Belgrade.


conception & execution

Project Management / Visuals / PR / Curation 

Project Partner

Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia & BUZZ Serbia