The Salon de Créativité Collective goal is to create.collaborate.educate.

Salon de creativity is a content creation project based in zurich and belgrade. A Content, Experience & Product company founded by dragan filovsk. We make ideas happen, promos, Events & social media content in every flavor for any media platform. Our integrated approach allows for collaboration through every step in the process - from conception to execution.  

We work with agencies, networks and brands to bring ideas to life. We champion smart bids and better creative. All projects showcased here were produced by Salon de Créativité, many of them from concept through final delivery.




Our Salon de Créativité is a Conception / Execution focused concept, meaning we do everything what a branding and the following communication required.


For our projects we like to collaborate with international brands and talents in order to create outstanding content.



We turn brands from famous to favorite. We are a creative collective which enjoys to crate experiences and feelings for our clients.



The idea is community building in a peaceful environment for the urban culture. Taking it back to the 4 Elements of Hip Hop. Graffiti & Bboy cypher at Osnovna Skola Skadarlija through the day with many local and international artist and Bboys & Bgirls. While this was going on, close to the school we also had a Sneaker Drawing Competition with local artists supported by BUZZ Serbia. The artist were able to win sneakers and other gear. After 4pm our friend and one of the best turntabelists in Serbia RAID had a information day about his DJ Raidonica, which young and old were able to participate.

In the evening the afterparty was starting with many known local rap names like JuiceSick TouchDay WhoHartmann & Mako Cya. After that the Picasso Punk Belgrade homies DJ Rokam & Laki were providing the good music in order to have a great night at KC Grad, Belgrade.


conception & execution

Project Management / Visuals / PR / Curation 

Project Partner

Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia & BUZZ Serbia



RAID "Little Box" Exhibition


Visitors had the opportunity to attend an exhibition with a unusual concept: Each composition from the album will be accompanied by artistic photographer Ana Danilovic. In addition to the 12 photos 12 MP3 players with headphones will be available so that visitors hear the composition and view the images at the same time in order to get a better feel for the authors experience. Raid announced that the purpose of this different showcase (Slusaj fotke, gledaj muziku!) is to get the visitors to participate themselves and enjoy the creativity: just as I am connected with photographer Ana Danilovic and designer Marko Simic, I would like to encourage our audience to reverie about the pictures, photos, poems or stories to them as the music starts:

“This relationship is really organic, all of us in some way ‘listen’ photos and ‘look’ music – the only question is whether we do it banally, consumerist, by sawing us in spots interested in more than the poem itself or used to include imagination and feelings. "


conception & execution

Project Management / PR / Curation 


Reconzh corporate design


In this project we've done everything from conception to execution.

Inclusive re-opening event and future communication.


conception & execution

Conception / Project Management / Graphic Design / Web Design / PR / Interior Design / Marketing Strategy / Communication Strategy / Buying

RECONZH Ziggi Papers 01.jpg

Planet Oibel Exhibition (Berlin)


Visitors had first time the opportunity to attend an Oibel1 exhibition in Berlin. The exhibition took one week with a Verntisage in order to have a warm welcome and Finissage at the end of the event with a live painting. The people were able to buy paintings, t-shrits which where hand-printed in front of their eyes and other merch like prints & pins.


conception & execution

Conception / Project Management / Graphic Design / Photography / Video / PR / Curation


RUN ZRH x BIG BOYZ Zurich Launche


RUN ZRH took over at BIG BOYZ (Bahnhofstrasse) and ruled for a couple of hours. The new RUN ZRH Collection was presented. Picasso Punk’s own DJ Croma was supporting with a good mix of classics and new school music and Zurich’s up and coming rappers Ikara & Didi made some noize with a powerful showcase. The staff enjoyed the partner look.


conception & execution

Conception / Project Management / Graphic Design / Photography / PR / Curation


THE24CLUB x Titolo Sneaker Box & Release


Titolo is without question one of the hottest sneaker stores in Europe - recently  Titolo was elected even by Complex Mag among the top 15 of the best stores worldwide.

To celebrate the forthcoming move, Asics and THE24CLUB released a limited edition (24), handmade wooden box with two shoes (2) and four (4) THE24CLUB accessories. In the Box was a special version of the hyped "RUN ZRH" Shirts, a 2F4Y Bracelet by Tetsuya Visuals of the infamous THE24CLUB, a Oibel1 print and a limited Picasso Punk mixtape by DJ Croma.


conception & execution

Conception / Project Management / Design  / Graphic Design / Photography  / PR / Curation


adidas x Salon de Créativité Pop-Up Shop


The adidas pop-up store was a full success. Lots of people came by. The adidas Originals Blue Collection and their first official jeans brand “Original Denim” were sold through the days. In the afternoon the place got crowded and the apéro was served. 


conception & execution

Project Management / Curation / PR


2fresh4yall Concept Store



2fresh4yall (including bar/lounge, barber shop and store) is a company/fashion gettogheter to show the unique soul in a person. Question is, how much do you know about the actual clothing items that you wear for the moment? Nothing? Not much? Worry no longer.


conception & execution

Conception / Project Management / Design  / Graphic Design / PR